Interface One thing we did not like about the MPro was its lack of instructions. Additional Product Features Video Inputs. The 1GB built-in memory in this pocket projector can be expanded for more storage with a 2G standard interchangeable Micro SD card. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Consoles by Rick Broida 8 days ago. Tech Industry by Michelle Meyers Nov 26, The compact 3M MPro features two half watts speakers and minutes of battery life for great ubiquitous usage.

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After using the AAXA L1 laser projector, fiddling with the focus wheel is annoying, but it’s not too bad. Power is provided by a built-in battery with a claimed 90 minute life from a full charge.

Video Input Analog Video Format. You cannot choose a scene or jump ahead or back. You like technology, and you want to give a cool gadget this year.

Page 2 of this review. For those of you that were introduced to corporate presentations in the form of acetate slides and permanent markers things have come a long way.

The 3M MPro is available from www. Be quick though the competition finishes at end of April! Most relevant reviews See all 11 reviews. Buying guide Buying guide Feature search Side-by-side Latest projectors. In use I managed to exceed this figure. Click here if you’ve forgotten your password. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Do not include any HTML. Logitech ,pro it was in talks to mrpo Plantronics The Swiss computer accessories maker had been interested in buying the headset and Bluetooth earpiece maker.


If that’s not sufficient room for your masterpiece then there’s a microSD card slot.

The new features in the MPro are welcome, but it seems pretty clear to me that the MPro or whatever the next version will be called will actually be the one to get, at least if you plan on watching any video with this thing. There is also an option to browse through all 510 files on the device and a favourites icon will show you the most recently accessed files.

3M Mpro150 LED Projector

RGB, component video, composite video. The lack of controls is annoying in several places. View full cart Remove all. In terms of specs the battery is rated for up to minutes of continuos use with a 3 hour recharge time 90 minutes on high brightness.

3M MPro review – Engadget

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The images look very good on the MPro, colors are bright and correct. We’ve had lots of problems with spam-bots adding inappropriate comments to articles. Then you’ll automatically receive an email when someone replies!

On all those photos, the projector was distanced at around 1. Mprl you want to visit a client to make a sales pitch the last thing your smooth presentation needs is a hiccup at the beginning while you work out why your laptop can’t find their projector. It also supports video and audio playback making it a useful device for some mppro as well. It has 1Gb of built-in memory and a micro-SD slot it comes with a 2GB card – from which it can display photos, videos and office documents.

I did not get answers and being a logistics company I had to travel instead of moving the product.

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