It is best to disable it. For challenge string SpeedTouch D the response is Views Read View source View history. Calculate expert password script. The configuration is done now. So if you are getting regular DSL cuts, check that your router idle time is set to a large number of minutes eg.

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If you do now use a MXStream account in the Netherlands, then you might need slightly different settings!

One entry cannot be remove and remains it is not an actual entry, it is used to ” Add ” entries. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Now – still in the ” PPP ” window – you should now activate the connection by setting ” Status ” to ” On “, as shown below:. Views Read View source View history. Click ” configure ” at the ‘MXS’ entry with the now following settings. Basically it does everything what WinRoute and the Arsl router do as well. A similar window as show below should appear:.

SpeedTouch 516 and 585 on ADSL2+

The hack makes your modem a Pro version. If you are not experienced with tricks like these: Ethernet adapter Home network NIC: Now click the blue ” Phone Book ” button and once more remove all entries.


Incase your modem ended up being dead, due to some silly mistake, then please contact please. Retrieved from ” https: It is best to disable it. If you would like to know more about the Alcatel Shell, speedtkuch example for mapping ports, you will need the command line interface manualwhich you can download here.

SpeedTouch – Wikipedia

Click the blue ” Apply ” button in the left-top corner and click the blue ” Save All ” button on the lower left. The SDSC script will now return with a new page stating the proper password a 10 digit number. DHCP helps you to easily configure network settings of the computers connected to your network.

Privacy policy About Support Disclaimers. Your modem will now have it’s default settings.

SpeedTouch Configuration

Change the number to something larger than 3 days eg. Connect to the modem webinterface by using the Internet Explorer or any other browser. Otherwise your DSL connection may go up and down every five minutes. So I asl a few solutions, which can be found here one of them being sharing the connection using WinRoute or using a router.


Now you can reboot your Sspeedtouch again. Connect the modem to power and reset it to the original factory configuration by holding the reset button for 15 seconds. Now enter in dos yellow text: A prompt appears asking for a username.

So if you are getting regular DSL cuts, check that your router idle time is set to a large number of minutes eg.

WeetHet – ADSL – How to hack the Alcatel SpeedTouch Home

You now get the [td] -prompt – Type ” prompt “‘. It is very well possible that you cannot connect.

Otherwise IE will use it to connect to the modem and block the settings. The advantage here is that you get some really cool features.

Try making contact You can do this by opening the Internet Explorer or any other browser and open address Microsoft Windows [Version 5.

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