We determined a maximum noise of And Matt says they are bad. Intel advertises its Sandy Bridge in particular with the incorporated graphic’s enormous performance reserve increase, which will make the weak entry level graphic cards more or less obsolete in the future. Mobile Intel HM65 Express. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Battery dying at a fast rate – from normal, careful use. Thus, it’s not very surprising that even the strong Geforce GT M starts to stutter with

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Merely the GT M graphics card was able to supply a comparable result in out gaming comparison.

Additionally, the 32 nanometer manufacturing technology has a positive impact. The results of the till now executed standard benchmarks are throughout impressive. Professional image editors will find a reason for exclusion cire this.

Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.

N53SV | Laptops | ASUS Global

The CPU performance likely contributes a major part here, as well. The determined temperatures are even low in the stress test. Asus promises pure multimedia entertainment with the reconfigured N The Asus N53SV also places itself in the top group of our data base with a total score of points.


Aside from a good portion of performance increase, users can profit from the graphics chip incorporated into the quad core.

Hear the Power Feel the Power

HDD GB rpm. The incorporated Intel Graphics refused to start the games demo version we used due to a corr error. The keyboard unit strikes with a fairly soft and doughy stroke during use. We’ll illustrate what this looks like in detail on our Asus N53SV notebook.

When the ports are extensively occupied in stationary use mouse, printer, external monitor, LAN, etc.

Aus GB hard drive is of the speedy RPM type, which means you get lots of storage space that’s also readily accessible for smooth performance.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

Asus N53SV

The adventure shooter, Farcry 2, is a bit more demanding on the hardware. That’s no problem for the Asus N53S. A few dedicated keys can be found above the keyboard’s left which, for example, allow controlling the volume output.

It still falls into the extremely common trap of providing a x screen, though, something that with a screen size of The Geforce GT M supplies an average of Left 4 dead We will first start with a few older games. BFBC2 belongs to the same genre.

Asus N53SV review: Asus N53SV – CNET

The upper side heats up to a maximum of The latest Cinebench R Overall, the N53SV can be said to have an excellent sound in comparison to other multimedia notebooks.


It is already hunting in the grounds of older entry level gaming notebooks. Not zsus compromises are equal, however.

In the case of the N53S, about 5 seconds pass until the Express Gate desktop is available.

Laptops are often asked to do many things, and a laptop that can do most things well may be a better choice than a laptop that can do some things perfectly, but at the price of doing other things nn53sv.

Now included is USB 3.

Even the otherwise frequently stuttering intermediary sequences run surprisingly smooth. Since it also only use 48WH battery, its battery only can run almost up to 3 hours 50 minutes. No need to worry playing 3d game like Crysis xore Lost Planet 2. They are still adequate enough on the horizontal plane so that even several people can watch a movie.

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