Lets go back to Hickory shafted clubs, even then there were manufacturers inserting steel shafts inside. GigaGolf has cloned several of the leading manufacturer’s top clubs including Callaway and Taylor Made, but this offering mimicking the Cobra S Speed driver is its best work. In the case of the Burner Tour vs. Can’t get a FF shot until someone records me. It is the consumers who have the most power to affect change.

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Re-shafted mine with Axe Xcaliber SL graphite. Can you point me in the right direction?

Taylormade Clone Golf Clubs Custom Made

Which they are doing, but it is costly. There are definitely low quality clubheads on the market, however we purchase and sell only taylormsde best heads. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If you want your suit to look the best on you, you have a tailor fit it to your body. The particular article referenced is one of many. I recently played golf without my set while visiting my brother.

Shop by Golf Club Clone – TaylorMade & Ping Clone Clubs – Diamond Tour

Heater F Offset Black Compare to: One could certainly argue that the “similar to” clubs reap the advantage of the major bands ad campaigns, without any cost. Macho will always be macho even at their own expense. Posted May 15, For those interested in tzylormade only, the Burner was 7. One of the biggest issues I see in regards to mid to high handicap players is shaft flex and shaft length.


Justin 6 years ago. Wishon was and is a design leader.

MyGolfSpy Labs! – Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand

Used to play tourney plus perimeter weight forged irons with stiff gold clonr shafts — those days are gone. Heater B1 Compare to: If you’ve seen one of your friends play with it or played with it yourself, you may be wondering how such quality clubs can be made for so much less.

The adjusted average numbers look even better for the clone as, with the 2 best and 2 worst shots removed from each tester, the clone is 3. While laser technology can scan the outside, they do not scan the inside.

GigaGolf Verve brst Ti Driver. Clones come from the most of the same Chinese factories that produce Counterfeit clubs.

I am very happy with them but often wonder if I spent double on brand names would it be worth it- they would have to be heaps better!


Twin Engine Compare to: Ttaylormade was a great article, anything that can spark so much emotion and debate is a good thing. Head is just going along for the ride. Golf club clones are made from the same high-quality materials that pro line clubs are, and often in the same foundries.

And that is true. The club features variable face thickness technology to ensure that balls contacted on the sweet taylormqde launch long and straight, while mishits also work their way back towards the target without sacrificing distance. In he designed the first interchangeable shaft driver head as well. For the beginner or high HC golfer, I highly recommend a good set taylormzde clones. Wishon Golf, GolfWorks, and Golfsmith are good quality with their own designs.

Heater F Offset Compare to: Down my toe line.

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