You may be able to tweak this article to your needs if you have a different interface other than the CM17A. The only thing that is different is I tried out domus. The program is intended for inclusion in a network centric embedded home automation system, based on a “live CD” version of Knoppix , with no hard disk for security considerations. Installing the Software I use Heyu to control my devices. The serial port is controlled through termios 3 , and is restored to original values on exit.

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Try adding the full path to the config file in the Heyu command. A user defined alias. Flying model airplane control surface hinges, available at hobby shops, could be used with a little ingenuity, too.

linux x10 command line script

Here is an example of how you cn17a do it in PHP: Any programs that write commands to this file, typically a named pipe, should be interoperable. Formulas for calculating the optimal incidence are available from my notes as jpeg images, surveillance-incidence.

Please change accordingly as you read through this. In Linux it can be done with bash scripts and cron jobs — the following explains how to control the CM17a in Linux. You can leave a responseor trackback vm17a your own site. The program’s output monitor, typically stdout, is a tab delimited database format which can be monitored by other programs, specifically, those using fopen 3 or open 2.


John Conover: Control Program for the X10 CM17A and MR26A

Post it in the comments section below. I use Heyu to control my devices. The Knoppix system is installed on a depreciated laptop, and since no display-or hard disk-is required, will run many hours without electricity. Being able to control Xenabled devices opens up your world to a whole new level of geekness. An example invocation is: Andrew Wells March 21st, at Andrew Wells March 21st, at 2: The X10 Transceiver also functions as an appliance module.

Currently, nothing is done with this information-it is detected and discarded. Make note of what you set on that as well. X10 on Windows is like that.

A linxu sequence to execute in response to the transmission code. Now is the time to connect the hardware. Notes to system integrators The program is quite efficient, and any machine of class or better will suffice. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be using house code A.


The program does a fork 2 and handles each device, independently.

FireCracker (CM17A) Communications Specification

I can execute heyu commands direct from the command line but nothing happens when I try through the web interface. Glad to see you were able to get it working.

Member Helpful Post Rating: The communication is bidirectional for ancillary device control. The input file, usually stdin for commands, uses canonical input for flow control. For external use, this means the sensor should be mounted 45 degrees from perpendicular to the wall.

The serial port is controlled through termios 3and is restored to original values on exit. I don’t SELL this stuff Linux This entry lknux posted on Monday, November 5th, at After each record is printed to the output, an fsync 2 is issued to flush the internal buffers.

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