Apply only the tension required to seat or unseat the cables during insertion or removal from the connector. From the description, it’s not yet fully functional. When I tried using a 2. Compaq Computer Corporation reserves the right to make changes to the Compaq Presario Series Notebooks without notice. Page 9 Presario Series Models: To replace the system board, reverse these procedures. The “Solving Power Problems” section in this chapter may also be applicable.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I immediately tried this driver with a 2.

Page 52 Presario Series Models: Solving Hard Drive Problems Some common causes and solutions for hard drive problems are listed in the following table. Disconnect the flex cable from the ZIF connector on the system board and remove the keyboard.

Compaq Computer Corporation reserves the right to make changes to the Compaq Presario Series Notebooks without notice. RTC battery is dead.

HP Compaq Presario,Presario 1200 Supplementary Manual

Page 67 Presario Series Models: I first tried using xf86config to correct the problem, but the XF86Config file it produced prsario unusable. When these preliminary steps are completed, you are ready to run POST. I couldn’t really figure out why it was breaking, since it appeared to be an environment variable that the script believed was set incorrectly, so I performed some ugly excisions of code that’s not needed on my network, removed some conditionals, and got it working again.


Extend the PCMCIA eject lever out of its slot, lift up the front side of the system preeario, and pull forward to remove the system board from the chassis. Personally, I don’t have a lot of need for the modem, so I’m content to use the 2. Often the preario is neither felt nor heard, but damage occurs.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Keep the battery pack within the recommended temperature range for operation or storage. When you perform a “self-test” on an external VGA color or monochrome monitor, the screen should be white.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Device driver is not correclty installed in Windows. I ran across a description of this problem along with an alternative apmd package, but the alternative package doesn’t work any better than the one included with Mandrake, and Mandrake’s package is newer.

If the keyboard is less important to you, you might want to look more closely at other products, which may require less in the way of unusual drivers and reconfiguration to get working. The label of “Compaq Presario ” includes a vast set of model numbers and revisions, many of which are not totally compatible, even though the machines share the same general Presario model number.


Replace the TouchPad and retest. These later models are often noted for having a silver display lid instead of the original black lid.

Page 90 Presario Series Models: To replace the keyboard, reverse these procedures. Cable is not connected properly. Replace the keyboard and retest.

Pull the display release latches to open the display. To avoid a potential shock hazard during troubleshooting procedures, disconnect all power sources before removing the keyboard inrernal or the display bezel. Close the display, carefully push in off the hinges.

The XL designated with model number “12XL” is one of the newer models in the series.


To replace the modem, reverse these procedures. Page 84 Presario Series Models: Remove the keyboard pg Page 32 Interanl Series Models: A ZIF connector and its attached cable can be easily damaged.

Page 20 Presario Series Models:

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