I mean uh, is it possible to record the track as sometinh else so I won’t need reaper to play it? The ASIO system is pretty much the standard for any serious music production use. Moriador on December 02, , Guitar interface for mixcraft acoustica user forums. Lost my password and user name so I hav’nt been here in a while.

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From the sound of it there’s something wrong with your RP or it’s installation. Could I then use this output to plug into the input of the soundcard Focurite and so get the tone of my amp, use my pedals and still without any latency issues then? I will run into the same issues of latencies and digitfch computer not knowing which audio source to take as a priority and ASIO drivers not being launch because of “asio used by another application” sort of thing.

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Setting up to record from Digitech pedal to PC – Home Recording forums

That isn’t to say that these other systems don’t suffer from latency issues they doit’s just that the built-in audio drivers on other systems Core Audio on Macs and ALSA on Linux digirech have the low-latency and system tuning capabilities that ASIO provides on Windows.


My main point is that I want something easy to use.

Hello, i just bought music creator 6 to replace the glitchy cubase le4 junk i rigitech using on my pc. They don’t play nice with streaming audio. If you are using something which gives you zero latency monitoring, like the options that have been suggested on this thread, then it becomes a non-issue. Xedit, asio driver and firmware updater are free downloads from digitech site unlike other processors where you have to buy it.

Using Digitech RP for direct record? – Jemsite

So bypass all amps, cabs, effects I just downloaded the X-Edit from digitech’s site in the link you posted. However, im not able to use digtiech daw with my irig hd even though i have the asio driver configured.

Lost my password and user name so I hav’nt been here in a while. Operating system Firewire chipset Audio interface There are options but it will help to know what we’re working with first. Using Windows 8 64 bit on an acer digitedh if that helps. Moriador Pub Night Playa Posts: However, I would strongly recommend you try it out before you purchase new kit.

I looked on a ASIO side and could’nt find it listed, maybe discontinued. With tone and effects aeio knobs, the digitech rp is a very easy to use and very sophisiticated multieffects guitar pedal.


Thank you for commenting! Cakewalk sonar x3 documentation audio driver settings. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Digitech rp midi driver download pc pitstop driver. Yes, my password is: Digitech rp inout use the links on this page to download the latest version of digitech rp inout drivers.

Impossible to record audio because the audio input is not active.

With an integrated effects switching system, no longer will you have to do the pedal tap dance just select your preset and your tone is engaged, just the way you like it. Hey guys, so on day when digitch was a stupid child I bought this useless pedal and realised as i grew that it doesnt help me.

What do people think about it? For some reason I can’t select RP for the input.

Using Digitech RP as interface to record using reaper+AT3?

Help others learn more about this software, share your comments. I’ll see if that helps and report back, thanks. Do you already have an account? Moriador on November 30, ,

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