Any reproduction, modification, translation, compilation, or representation of this Source Code except as specified above is prohibited without the express written permission of Cypress. The resonator is a small package, which also reduces the external part count. Drive level is the maximum power dissipation the crystal is expected to withstand. This allows optional vendor customization of 2 the PC bootloader. Detailed package information is available in the device datasheet. Table 1 shows the key supervisor specifications for FX2LP when monitoring the 3. An easy way to install the driver is to dismiss any warning messages and then start up the Windows Device Manager.

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Table 3 provides the definition of the variables. A common mode choke is interfering with the EOP. The waveforms show voltage waveforms as a USB device is connected and then disconnected and reconnected in quick succession. Make power traces at least 40 mils wide to reduce inductance.

Guide to a Successful EZ-USB® FX2LP™ Hardware Design

Inrush current is above the acceptable limit. When choosing the supervisor reset voltage, be sure to set it to a voltage compatible with all circuits in the system. An easy way to install the driver is to dismiss any warning messages and then start up the Windows Device Manager.


Successful Driver Gx2lp Note: Keep the power traces away from high-speed data lines and active components. Necking Down Traces Necking down trace Figure Cypress Semiconductor Corporation assumes no responsibility for the use of any circuitry other than circuitry embodied in a Cypress product.

Use ceramic or tantalum capacitors.

In such a case, extra capacitance on VCC slows it down to meet the requirements. Applications Engineer Staff Background: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. However, with no pull-up resistors, the FX2LP believes the bus is controlled by another master and waits indefinitely for the other master to release the bus.

These formulas are valid for the ratios 0.

CNA – FX2LP USB controller based FPGA configuration device – Google Patents

Use ceramic capacitors that match the load capacitance of the parallel-resonant crystal. A bus-powered hub supports mA to downstream ports in all cases.

This section concentrates on the first two powering methods since the third is a combination of them. Also make sure that EA is tied fx2p.

Guide to a Successful EZ-USB® FX2LP™ Hardware Design

The following are guidelines for power traces: This allows optional vendor customization of 2 the PC bootloader. This tab can be used to schedule individual USB transfers in and out of your device and to check the results. Cypress reserves the right to make changes without further notice to the materials described herein. This is to account for mask registration tolerances typically 0. For example, an active high WP pin should be connected to the 3.


Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP (CY7C68XXX-X)

The voltage regulator is unable to maintain 3. Most boards have enough capacitance on VCC to meet this need. The bottom line is that this circuit cannot guarantee a reliable reset under all circumstances, in particular during a quick USB disconnect-connect event.

PCB layout is important. The following tests are recommended: Keep power traces short. The amount of cross-coupling increases as the space between the microstrips is reduced. However, occasionally a board has an especially fast ramp-up time. Load capacitors of 12 pF are required between each crystal pin and ground. The eye pattern is a representation of Devicee signaling that provides minimum and maximum voltage levels as well as signal jitter.

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