Reading Techniques The image scanner has a view finder that projects a bright red aiming beam that corresponds to its horizontal field of view. All worked fine till I experimented with scanning images. Locate the Hex value for that symbology and scan the 2 digit hex value from the Programming Chart inside back cover. Temporary Quickview Configuration 4. Plug the other serial connector into the other device connection and tighten the two screws. Turn the power to the host system OFF.

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Weighting Options By default, the check character computation is unweighted. Scan the Interfunction Delay bar code below, then scan the number of milliseconds and the SAVE bar code using the Programming Chart inside the back cover of this manual. Page Code 39 Check Character No Check Character indicates that the image scanner reads and transmits bar code data with or without a check character.

Honeywel, the Standard Product Default Settings: To program a transmit delay between accumulated scans, scan one of the following delays. Locate the Hex value for that symbology and scan the 2 20200-5 hex value from the Programming Chart inside the back cover of this manual.

Upc A Number System Application Work Group Selection Application Work Group Selection Hoeywell programming honeywelll allows you to assign an image scanner to a work group by scanning the bar code below. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. This action first clears all current prefixes, then programs a Code I.


Both the serial commands and the programming bar codes will pro- gram the Message Length You are able to set the valid reading length of some of the barcode symbologies.

Honeywell 2020-5 Manuals

Refer to “Linking Honehwell Scanner to Base” For these codes, use the UPC E0 selection. To set the sensitivity, scan the Sensitivity bar code, then scan the degree of sensitivity from from the inside back cover, and Save.

If you need to change these set- tings, programming is accomplished by scanning the bar codes in this guide. Matrix 2 of 202-05 Message Length Scan the bar codes below to change the message length.

Msi Message Length Output Sequence Editor Enter Sequence Require Output Sequence When an output sequence is Requiredall output data must conform to an edited sequence or the image scanner will not transmit the output data to the host Chapter 8 – Imaging Commands Imaging Commands The image scanner is like a digital camera in the way it captures, manipulates, and transfers images. The Bluetooth icon displays in the bottom, right part of the screen. When Check Character is set to Validate and Transmitthe image scanner will only read MSI bar codes printed honeywelll the specified type check character, and will transmit this character at the end of the scanned data.

Presentation Sensitivity Presentation Sensitivity Presentation Sensitivity is a numeric range that increases or decreases the image scanner’s reaction time to bar code presentation.

Posted on Sep 29, This example shows serial commands as they would be entered using QuickView. Code 93 must be enabled to use this example. This warranty does not cover any HII product which honeywell i improperly installed or used; Enable one of the Bluetooth modes e.


Event Image scanner power down due to Power Time-Out Timer setting see page Image scanner reset due to firmware upgrade Image scanner reset due to battery change Image scanner placed in different base unit Maximum Link Attempts The Maximum Link Attempts setting controls the number of times the image scanner tries to form a connection with a base unit or PC.

Interfunction Delay An interfunction delay of up to milliseconds may be placed between the transmission of each segment of the message string.

Image Scanner Address Is the green LED on? Wand Emulation Wand Emulation Connection The Wand Emulation Connection bar codes should be used if you want to change the terminal ID onlywithout changing any other image scanner set- tings.

Honeywell Manuals

Installing QuickView from the Web 1. If the data received does not display with the proper characters, it may be because the bar code being scanned was created using a code page that is different from the one the host program is expecting. Multiple Image Scanner Operation Note: Codabar Message Length Scan the barcodes below to hneywell the message length.

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