Help us by reporting it. Very weird since the motherboard seems to be keeping time well. Also, here’s a quote from the highpoint: I have no icons on my desktop???? XP chainloads the XP loader from its bootsector. I chose the Windows XP version.

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Mark the available device for booting, the other drives are shown as Hidden in the hpt bios.

If there is one other hard disk attached then that would normally be hd0 when you have started from it, making the array hd1. Jul 20, Posts: At this point you’d want to have copied your operating system fully on the fakeraid partition, if you haven’t already done so.

HighPoint hpt370 RAID

Firstly it’s recommended to backup the hpt information block and the rootsector from each disk. You must force a refresh action before changing the disk.

ATAPI support depends on the driver version being used. Feb 25, Posts: Now write the stage1. Have any more specific info on the problem?


Next time, it installed, then duing the install, it gave me a number of error messages.

Found a bad link? Sun Jan 06, 4: I had a little trouble under Win98 that I think was due to them. Start XP setup as normal. I’m not entirely clear on whether or not you have attempted to install a new OS on this new machine or not. Apr 10, Posts: To avoid this problem, you must use load utility v2.

Ars Orbiting HQ Registered: Those errors during install possibly point to hardware problems. I have to think this is due to the RAID controllers.

Anybody have problems with WinXP and HPT controllers? – Ars Technica OpenForum

debice Highpoint recommended that hard disks on IDE sockets were not connected at this time as XP insists on writing the bootloader to those drives instead of the fakeraid array if they were connected. XP chainloads the XP loader from its bootsector.

Everything is working nicely now. Tue Jan 01, 4: We don’t want NTFS as designed to be corrupted by free operating systems.


Anybody have problems with WinXP and HPT370 controllers?

Boot up is very slow Keep the floppy drive connected. Thu Jan 03, 5: There are more information about this issue on Microsoft support raix When computer starts again choose your non-raid drive and start into your existing debian install. Dec 4, Posts: Belmont Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: You can also experiment with the user programs they supply like hptsvr and hptraidconf, again proprietary without source sevice unfortunately.

Sun Jan 06, 3: Missed CDrom and usb devices.

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