Watch Cable TV 5. I totally misunderstood what you were trying to do!!! Click on “eHome Infrared Receiver” It will have a green tick mark next to it and click next. You can use your Remote Control by pressing any key you want. Because I know the remote is sending keyboard commands, I also have the “Keyboard” plugin loaded. And if so, what plugin should I use for this I think I have tried all already Model name IR 2.

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After you finish, please put them away in a safe place for further reference. AAA battery x 2 Power Consumption with input signal: That is why I put this blurb on my main website. Media Center Remote Control and Receiver. I would like to get my vista remote working with xp pro and media portal, would rather not see vista again in my life if I can help it.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband ir63 the phone Getting started guide: It is not as daunting as it looks – its just when you put it in writing it gets long winded. Users browsing this forum: They are irDA based. Maybe jhsrennie can be convinced to help Disclaimer We spared no efforts to make sure that the information in this manual is correct and complete.


Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.

My released plugins https: Windows and the Windows logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. So if any can tell me how to set my AIM RC remote up in intelliremote and configure it properly to use with media portal fully, it will be very very grateful.

Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U. Which is exactly what Intelliremote is listening for so that makes sense why Intelliremote is not working if the HID tester is not receiving signals. What I can do!??

I can setup the each key press with it and scroll down and stuff, I just cant figure out how to set it up to use with xp and media portal, as it as use friendly as a bullet to the foot. You should now get the message: I have got the ir usb receiver working, but intelliremote is not picking up the signals.

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Keyboard Return So, alot that doesn’t get picked up. It just getting the thing to setup properly or to read the drivers properly.

Keyboard Down Left arrow: While your laptop image is projected on More information. Melloware Forums A forum for discussing Melloware Applications. The information More information.


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A new window ” Welcome to the Found New hardware Wizard” will pop up Select “Install from a list or specific location Advanced ” and click next. Activity Card Use your mobile phone loading Videos In order to connect your computer to the Internet you need to use the services of an Internet service provider.

The easy connection between RC and IR makes your entertainment more joyful.

Users browsing this forum: Could it be a conflict between the ir usb and the built in ir device that HP uses causing a problem. This would be a good place to go, as more and more hardware etc is being designed specifically for vista, this would allow a lot more remotes in the future to used with XP and make intelliremote more appealing to a wider audiance. Generic remote caled ” GoTec ” from Leadership.

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