I did not do the entire hack that that lady posted, I only did the one at the very bottom, the one that was alot simpler. Exit the Registry and restart the computer. There is an LG driver for the Sigmatel 92xx that has stereo mix. I have both a Sigmatel and Sounblaster card due to recommendations from Dell. One of our forum members, New Hope editor, has written a set of instructions and a link for implementing the. Look at eddiep’s post on page 16 of the thread for his link to the modified 92XXM Go back up one folder to “R” C:

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I love the extra capabilities that this card gives me.

It was on the thread at the bottom of the set up wizard page. I have tried all of these suggestions and still haven’t gotten very far.

For those who have a SigmaTel sound card | SingSnap Karaoke

As a result, while the inch gram still has a relatively large footprint, its still a relatively portable laptop. Look at eddiep’s post on page 16 of the thread ntoebook his link to the modified 92XXM We may be back to the stone age in some years.

The following models are the rest of the Dell’s that are compatible with the R driver. Any help would be appreciated.


That really sucks, that’s incredible how, paradoxically, as we advance in time, we go back in functionality with the guys in Dell. This solution is discussed in a thread at notebookforums.

LG LB50, LE50 Notebook Windows 2000, XP Drivers, Software

To get my sound back, I did the hacking thing The jack then is configured according to your response. Inspiron Audio Sigmatel problems recording with other audio programs.

The drivers would not run on my machine. Also when I open folders, there is a delay between the actual mouse click and the “click” sound playing. Then once rebooted, it begins another installation and gives me sigmarel error saying that my system does not support the driver. Just make sure you turn your Input Monitor up which you will get with the download slgmatel you will be able to record voice and music at the same time.

LG V1-AZ Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.A.E

I have Stereo Mix now but I don’t think it is operable. When I feel brave, I might do the entire hack she posted The link is right under the words “Attached Files”. I have stereo mix now but no Mic in the Volume Control mixer.

Several laptop manufacturers have disabled the “stereo mix” function for what insane reason, I don’t knowbut I found a way to get it back in order to have proper recording. I’ve slept since then, LOL Post on page 27 by hunnja gives some complicated instructions for the Inspiron model.


I will paste in the latest version I’ve written up: I’m still using the mic in between the speaker method but it’s sounding decent, er.

LG Releases Gram 17 Laptop: An Ultra-Thin Notebook with a 17.3-Inch Display

When you plug into the input you should get a popup box asking you whether you inserted a mic or line-in. I got no music in teh actual recording but lots of vocals. Every now and then however we see a inch laptop that still tries to be reasonably portable, and this is the case with LG’s latest gram laptop, which hit the market this week.

I’m no computer pro, so I can’t say this will work for everyone who lost their sound, but it worked for me. Hope this helps some of you It will unpack the files to sigmatek location you specify and then start to install the driver.

It’s big, but if you want to record, it’ll be worth it: Battery 4-cell, up to At this stage of addiction, I can’t be without recording capabilities.

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