I had a similar issue but I manually assigned the driver to get around it but then my system would crash every time I go to use the network so I think we are just going to have to wait till linksys has drivers for windows 7. Windows 7 has so many core changes that it would be impossible to release it as a patch. This guide is only compatible with v4. You’re probably saying “WTF Digi!? Someone should make this fix more spread. There are several versions of the WMP54G adapter. Powered with ill-gotten helium.

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For those that are having windowd issues It’s not even yet. So had to write a new one again. Jan edited Jan I downloaded the drivers you supplied thank you but my problem is the card isn’t listed in device manager. Hi, i have bought a new pc recently and i was having problem with lag issue and random gamefreezes for sec and then everything moves again in high speed, for my game World of Warcraft.

No, I bailed on the card because the performance still wasn’t as good as newer wireless windws such as those featured on the D-Link card. So here is a fix for people with the WMP54Gv4: After lots of searching i found this thread.


An update of sorts.

Thank you a lot for your effort, Thrax. It’s impossible to know what Linksys does and does not refuse to do. I had intended to use Win 7 when it is at last released as an OEM version and put my version of Vista onto the machine I’m using as a Media machine but I’m a little wary now.

Finally I managed to install it and make it work using standard Windows 7 drivers.

*FIX* Linksys WMP54G v lag on Windows 7 — Icrontic

The steps were great!! What are your favorite holiday food and beverages? The machine spec which is probably more than you need to know but Linksus just cut and pasted this info: Copyleft Vasile Laurentiu Stanimir stanimir cr. Try the Vista driver for Windows 7. It’s significant enough that they could have changed the kernel number one full revision to NT 7.

It will increase your latency and cause outrageous packet loss. The exterior may look similar, but the interior is a whole linskys ball game.

WMP54G and Windows 7

Sorry for necro’ing this thread, but: I have tried a lot of drivers from Linksys and other manufactorers. Hmm, cause when I tried to follow the guide you made up there it didn’t work, stating that bit file will not work. Thought it might be usefull for linkyss having the same problems as i did. Thanks a lot Thrax, easy steps and it actually worked!


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CM Pure Network: The driver package in fact only contains x64 driver. I suggest everyone do something similar. I honestly think either Win 7 should have been issued as a Vista patch or at the very least every Vista licence holder should get a free copy or wp45g substantial discount.

*FIX* Linksys WMP54G v4.1 lag on Windows 7

I would think that any time I’m uploading something, I’ll probably face the same issue. I could then enable onboard LAN and probably get the rudimentary drivers for the wireless card from MS – do you think this may be my only option? Message 3 of 20Views. If the card w;54g listed in the device manager, you need to try reseating it in the PCI slots in your computer. Message 6 of 20Views.

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