Now for the cards. Gouraud shading and Z-comparisons. The QID Series and Extio F products support multi-display with up to 4 displays in stretched or independent mode with a wide variety of display resolutions including widescreen modes. They must be unzipped using the -D option. NET Framework is required, even if version 2.

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Playing with refresh timer did not make any difference to me.

Conclusion Mystique has its strong and weak sides. This is notorious, but Mystique has another nasty image quality degrader.

Next chip in the line was Athena, powering the first Impression boards. This driver enables 2D and 3D functionality only. Beta drivers are not supported by Matrox Graphics Technical Support. Gouraud shading and Z-comparisons.

These theoretical numbers are as usual far from gaming reality. Millennium’s engine is exposed to Direct3d, but I don’t know any titles matrkx Turok which would not require texturing. It runs fast at x, but I feel slowdowns in complex scenes. Matrox “HF” drivers have a rich interface that require Microsoft.

It handles parameter interpolation, perspective correction, transparency, lookup table, lighting in true color precision, dithering and has own FIFO for addresses.


It is not nice to keep customers in the dark around such matters. Lack of bilinear filtering does not hurt this game much. Overall feel is closer to console like Playstation rather than other PC 3d graphics. Memory controller is in charge of depth comparison. But most of Direct3d games could use it, especially big low resolution textures like skies looks horrible unfiltered. NET Framework is required, even if version 2.

With both of my boards I did not find memory clock to be very mta.

More resolution support may be available, please call or contact pid matrox. Drivers for matfox operating systems Windows 95, Window 3. Amtrox Mystique can display textures in Shogo and 3dmark The killer combo of lack of fogging, filtering and proper blending View Matrox screenshot gallery Incidentally OpenGL games can give a hint of Matrox’es Simple Interface, because Techland wrote a driver based on MSI library for their game using Quake 3 engine.

Matrox Graphics MGA 1064SG-H Video Driver

If you are looking for the most recent drivers, please click here. Please review the feature user agreement thoroughly before using this feature. There are few games were old with slower clocks beats fast and likely ability to texture from system memory is the reason. The framerate is not any higher than d3d wrappers anyway. Mystique has DAC integrated to the core and plain synchronous memory interface to reduce board complexity and costs much below expensive Millennium.


Fortunately Matrox Overclocking Tools are fun to play with once you get used to the formula. Some textures in Incoming are missing like if 4 MB of chip is not enough.

In came Titan chip with feature set expanded by basic 3d operations: They must be unzipped using the -D option. First MGA chip Atlas supported high resolution true color 2d accelerator for a new generation of operating systems with demanding graphical user interfaces.

Matrox Graphics – Support – Latest Matrox drivers for legacy products

Average framerate difference corresponds to clock difference, how about difference in Final Reality:. It looks like with time passing by Matrox was raising the clocks in several steps. Does not mqtrox video features Release notes Source code:

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