For more details, see the Smart Card Minidriver specification. Before using the YubiKey Minidriver in implementing smart card authentication in an Active Directory domain environment, it is important to consider the method of user enrollment that you will use. Type regedit and press Enter. This returns a list of container names and key types. To keep other programs and processes from using it, Winlogon registers this sequence during the boot process. The existing global cache works as follows:

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Rather than cover the complexities inherent in a corporate environment for example, an Minidrriver Root Certification Authority, multiple Subordinate Certificate Authorities, Certificate Revocation Lists, and so onthese instructions cover only the basic topics. When a bit application that uses the minidriver is executed, it loads the bit version of the minidriver. The caller can provide a container name with varying levels of specificity, as shown in the following table, and sorted from most-specific to least-specific requests.

To list the current containers on the card, use the command:. The user interacts with a tile to supply the proper credentials.

Test the presence of a minidriver or a CSP

On the Export Private Key page, select Yesexport the private key. Click Applyand then click OK to close the template properties window.

The PIN is encrypted and stored in memory. From Server Poolselect the server on which you want to install the Certification Authority, and click Next.


Check the option for automatic renewal of smart card certificates, use the existing key if a new key cannot be created. Configuration File Structure The following code example shows a sample configure file.

Ensuring your deployment is set up properly is a crucial element of the initial planning for the YubiKey Minidriver deployment. The applications use smart cards for different purposes. For more information, see the command line description later in this document.

Smart card selection The following sections in this topic describe how Windows leverages the smart card architecture to select the correct smart card reader software, provider, and credentials for a successful smart card sign-in: Select Certificates and then choose Add. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Note that the log file will be micrsoft.

Gemalto Minidriver Now Microsoft Certified and Windows Ready

After all providers have enumerated their tiles, the Logon UI displays them to the user. In some of the following scenarios, the user can be prompted to insert a smart card. You may also mcirosoft feedback directly on GitHub. This section provides instructions on setting up a CA to support an Enrollment Agent to allow for the Enroll carr Behalf functionality.

The Logon UI queries each credential provider for the number of credentials it wants to enumerate. Depending on environment, it could take up to eight hours for the template to publish to Active Directory. To assist in the diagnostics of issues, it is recommended to include a smxrt file containing the issue observed. Windows 10 version users are no longer supported on Windows Server R2.


INF file for a smart card minidriver When you make a certification submission, you must supply an.

Test the presence of a minidriver or a CSP – My Smart Logon

When a user logs into the domain account using a smart card, by default, the user can remove the smart card at any point with no change to the login status. If auto-enrollment has been set up in your environment, your users should be prompted to register a smart card the next time they log into their accounts. The smart minidricer credential provider is available in safe mode during networking.

Create a new container no reader specified. The current path should look similar to the following:. Right-click the Enrollment Agent carx, and then click Properties.

Click Browsechoose your enrollment agent certificate from the Security Pop-up screen, and then click Next. Internally, the Base CSP uses a combination of smart card serial numbers, reader names, mucrosoft container names to find specific smart cards. Otherwise, use the first available smart card that meets the above criteria for the container creation.

For Policy type required in signatureselect Application policy.

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