Well, I’ve tried two times now to get an answer on my numRows question. On Thursday 17 September , Christian Weiske said something like: Dbo ORM library zabbixproxy-mysql. Package that handles rh-mysql57 Software Collection. Package shipping development files for rh-mysql56 rh-mysql A community developed branch of MySQL rh-mariadbmariadb-devel. Mysql provider for libgda libnss-mysql.

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Tue Nov 03, MySQL backup manager akonadi-mysql.

Attached is the code we’re using to connect, query, etc. MySQL backend for pdns perdition-mysql. A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding: On Thursday 17 SeptemberChristian Weiske said something like: A top clone for MySQL percona-xtrabackup.

Myeqli Framework database adapter for: In reply to this post by Joshua J. Yes, I’m aware of how query works and it still seems to function fine on my shared host I originally did some local testing, which worked fine then put some code up, but coming back to local I’ve had strange things happening. Be aware that if you start mixing both connections in your code, you can get confused quickly when it comes to maintenance.


It’s good practice to use MDB2 or any other abstraction layer so you can later migrate to using a different type of database server postgresql or sqlite for example with a minimum of fuss.

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I am trying to execute a query using the MDB2 mysqli driver. MySQL database access functions php-pecl-mysqlnd-ms. MySQL database access functions phpphp-pecl-mysql-xdevapi. MySQL back-end for soci tcl-mysqltcl.

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You should mmdb2 fine. The test suite distributed with MySQL rh-mysqlruntime. MySQL plugin for dmlite dovecot-mysql. Ben McRae 1 1. However I do not get a normal result or any rows.

I consider this a very well-learned lesson. Wed Oct 07, MDB2 has a driver that uses mysqliso I don’t get the point of your question. See the manual for further details: MySQL database access functions poco-mysql. Wed Oct 07, 9: Anyone find a solution to this yet?

Debian — Details of package php-mdb2 in stretch

Zabbix web frontend for MySQL calligra-kexi-driver-mysql. MySQL back-end for soci soci-mysql-devel. MySQL database access functions phpphp-mysqlnd. Home Virtualmin Virtual Servers Issues package phpmysqli not found. Zabbix server mbd2 to use MySQL zabbixweb-mysql.


The test suite distributed with MySQL mysqlruntime. Zabbix proxy compiled to use Mysqi zabbixserver-mysql. Problem executing query in mysqli. Using either dsn versions, I do this Simple query:

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